All images are broken when viewing them in the mail.

  • 30 June 2022
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I'm new and just set up freshdesk.

At first everything went well, the images of the signatures, company logo, in the notifications and when answering emails were displayed well in the received mail (for example, outlook).

However, one day suddenly they began to appear broken.
Since then absolutely all are broken.

It doesn't matter if you copy and paste or load them from your hard drive or as a link. They all break.

In the freshdesk ticket all the images are seen correctly. But it's the emails from the recipient that break.


Thanks in advance.


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I have already solved.

For if it helps someone:
In Security I activated: Access settings for attachments
Thinking that it would only act for attachments but not for the images in the message body.
When you deactivate this option, all the images are seen again.


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