Anyone else not receiving agent email notifications on Notes?

  • 15 February 2022
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We have noticed that we stopped receiving agent email notifications on any (private or public) notes added to tickets. Researching our email account, we have found the last sent message out of the email account was in May of last year (Subject “Note Added” corresponding to the email template for notifications)

We have a ticket open with Freshdesk support but all we keep hearing is that they have cleared the “block” and “nothing is showing in the logs”. Sorry, but it seems to me that this function seems to be broken as part of one of the updates or upgrades pushed as part of the software and no one from Fresh wants to research in depth of take responsibility for.

We have found this to be very productive for agent use and communication and would like to see this fixed or resolved.

Has anyone else seen this behavior within their Freshdesk instance?


2 replies

Check the ticket and private note. Did they include your email address? They could have left a note without your email, and it won’t send a notification.

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Hello @jdaniele, it’s unfortuante that you are facing this issue for a long time now. Can you please DM us your ticket Id? I’ll look into the details to get to the bottom of the issue and help you with details to proceed further.

Thank you.