Anyone getting Http 400 when posted from Web application

  • 4 July 2014
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Hi All,

Not sure if it is the right place to post this message.  I am stuck when automating ticket creation via my web application (Java / Jee / Spring). I am using httpComponents 4.3.4. 

I am getting http Status code as 400 when i try to create a ticket (Same code is working from when I run from test client its working). 

If anyone have a working java code of ticket creation via java web application, please post it to me

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I hope you were able to find the answer just in time . Still thought this could help the other users who might have the same question.

With the advent of our new APIs , you'd now get a detailed error message in the response in order to troubleshoot the issue more efficiently. Also, we now have a Github repo with the api examples available in different languages -