App LifeCycle app.deactivated isn't triggered on navigating away in Ticket Details

  • 14 November 2018
  • 3 replies

When viewing ticket details, app.deactivated() isn't triggered upon navigating back to "All Unresolved Tickets" or to other pages, it's only triggered when clicking "next ticket". Is there a lifecycle or event that is triggered upon navigating away from the ticket details?

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3 replies

Hi Harout,

The 'app.deactivated' event will be triggered only when navigating between tickets because it is used to refresh the app with the current ticket details. The app won't be available to listen to any event upon moving away from ticket details page. 

Could you please explain the use case? If possible we can suggest you workaround to achieve it.


Janani V.

Hi Janani,

The use case would be having app.deactivated() trigger closing a window that was opened when app.activated() was triggered. Currently the newly opened window closes on app.deactivated() as expected when clicking to the next ticket, however it will stay open when the user navigates to another part of the site, like "all unresolved tickets".

Hello Harout,

We don't currently handle this use case.  Could you give us a bit more detail on what the app is trying to do? We can see if there is a feasible workaround.