Apps on Dashboard page

  • 13 November 2017
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 Hi Team,

As a developer I can create and deploy app on ticket details page. Would it be possible to create and deploy apps on Dashboard page ?


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4 replies

This is not currently possible, but it is planned for the new Mint UI.

I believe new Mint UI is already live. Please correct me if I am wrong.


Sorry for the confusion. Yes, the UI  is live, the ability to have apps on the dashboard is still in the planning stage. Out of curiosity, what app would you be looking to put there?

Rohit, our company would benefit greatly from re positioning items on the dashboard to focus on daily tasks in the center view. We'd also develop a 'clock in' button on the dashboard to be used with harvest where an agent clicking the button starts tracking time on a "hours worked" project. 

I think in general, allowing customers to control the dashboard with our own app windows would be game changing.