• 12 August 2022
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Do you have any reports you can generate to track these Arcade points and badges?How do I see who has won each month or how many points are missing for certain missions?
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If you haven’t already, I recommend creating a custom Dashboard and adding the Leaderboard Widget, you will see the leader for the 4 built in badges. You can click ‘View All’ to see the full list of scores and view the score history i.e Previous Month. 


I think there could be lots added to the Arcade, some things I would like to see:

  • Notifications for level ups and custom badges earned.
  • Custom badges earned and progress visibility in a team view.
  • Automatic report for the Leaderboard monthly.
  • Fix the bug where badges can disappear for agents that have earned them.



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Thank you very much, your reply me!And regarding custom missions, is there a way to follow along? Example: I created a mission that is worth 1000 points for whoever solves 3000 tickets by the end of the year. How to track this result in the arcade?Suggestions:- Have arcade options within the reporting section as well.- Button to reset all points of all analysts at once. Or selection of analysts who should have their points reset.