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Ask me Anything: Live Q&A on API's and Customer Object

  • 15 November 2022
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Ask me Anything: Live Q&A on API's and Customer Object
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Did we save the best for the last day of November? Let’s find out.

@sukanya.arunachalam, Customer Success Engineer, Freshworks, is all set to take the stage at a special ‘Ask Me Anything’. 


A little note about our host 💎

I got lucky to start and continue my career with a customer-facing job in an expeditiously growing company with over 8 plus years of experience. Starting as a Support Engineer really helped me to shape myself to have a "Customer First" attitude and to become this ardent customer experience representative.

Having gained some technical exposure on how SaaS-based products function and have found some success in the areas of Implementation, customer support, framing/coordinating processes, and coaching analysts, I am working on understanding the workflow model of different businesses across SaaS to help offer recommendations which in turn would help deliver better ROI and improve our customers KPI’s!


🎥 Topic: 1. API’s: Overview and capabilities 2. Custom Objects

💡 You will hear about and learn from real-time demos on

  • API’s & how they are used
  • Automating workflows using webhooks
  • Automating data exchange via integrations
  • Data extraction made easy using custom objects



5 replies

Hello, can you cover exactly how to integrate with Freshdesk using GET/PUT etc from integration tools like Zapier?  Direct access via API seems to be a nightmare to get the authorisation right.




“Steps” app sadly has deprecated and I’m desperately trying to find something similar.


As a work around, is there any way to create To-do items inside of a ticket using webhook/API? 


Can you please let me know whether the delete option can be disabled for agents in freshedesk

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@Karl.Richardson We understand the importance of the Steps app and are in touch with the marketplace teams to build similar ones or re-modify the existing ones. In the meantime, wanted to check with you to see if this will help - Let us know if not.


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@KannanSimplr Could you help me with additional details on if the agents are performing Delete operations on the tickets or on the contacts?