Attachment shows up as 0 bytes if users create the ticket by email

  • 6 May 2022
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Cannot find the solution to this one, when user send email to our helpdesk mailbox, the attachment looks like got dropped off and only has 0 bytes. What can cause this? Is there a log file that I can look at why this is happening?

1 reply

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Hi @TobyLai ,


I understand you are receiving your attachments as a 0-byte file within Freshdesk, this might occur in Freshdesk if an attachment that came in with the email didn't include the Content-ID. When the mailbox relays attachments into Freshdesk, the content-id is parsed, causing the id to amount to a null value.


As per RFC standard, every attachment should have a Content-ID, which is used to uniquely identify that attached document. 


To check on this and further verify, please feel free to DM us your .eml files along with your email headers and the attachments that show up as 0 bytes in your helpdesk; we will take a closer look into this and keep you posted.