Auto direct emails to through the portal

  • 5 October 2021
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I am having an issue getting my distributors to create tickets through the Portal.  I am looking for a way to reject the email attempt, and send back an automatic response via email, to make/force them to create the ticket through the Portal. 

4 replies

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@Truth7640 - Were you looking to learn how to build an app to accomplish this?

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Hello there, @Truth7640!

Did you have a chance to revisit this thread? From your questions the easiest way would be to create a rule as part of your automation settings, but it comes down to which product you’d like this to work (various ways of achieving this across the product lines and some perhaps restricted.)

Let us know how we can help, and I’ll move this discussion to the right forum for you!

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Hello Truth7640,


This can be achieved using automations. Below is one such example.


Hope this helps !



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Hello @Truth7640, we hope you were able to figure this out based on @ThatCommunityGuy’s input. However, I am sharing the automation rule you can configrue to achieve this under Admin > Automation > Ticket Creation 

Automation rule for email tickets 

I hope this helps. Have a good day!