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  • 14 February 2021
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When ever A ticket is created, I would like to  Add a Automatic Reply to that Ticket on behalf of an Agent.


Why on behalf of agent: So, the reply goes to Customer Inbox and Also gets updated in Ticket

[i’m currently using automatic-emails system, but that reply wont get appended in ticket]


Sample AUTO REPLY, Which I’m looking to Add.  Is there any way to do it in freshdesk or any premium app ?


We got your Ticket

  • Ticket ID: #{{ticketID}}
  • Email: {{ticket.from_email}}
  • Phone: {{ticket.cf_phone_number}}

If the above Phone number is incorrect, please reply to this email or contact Live Chat Support Immediately.


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Hello Mahesh!


As per the product behavior, the email sent to the requester via Automation would be a separate email thread (notification) to their mailbox and would not be added as a response to the ticket as such.  


If you wish to add an automatic reply to the ticket, you can make use of Ticket creation/Ticket updates automation (Admin > Automation > Tickets > Ticket creation/Ticket updates) and use trigger webhook action to add a reply on the ticket. Refer to the documentation link below to use the Create a reply API:


Feel free to drop an email to if you require any further assistance and we would be happy to help! 



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I am facing the exact same situation.

I do not think the API functionality is good enough though. It would require considerable heavy lift on our side. This feels like something Freshdesk can easily develop very easily, since all the infrastructure is already in place. Not to mention this is a basic feature everyone would expect to have.


I have to say, this is really unintutive.

All I want is a simple reply - of course it should be emailed to the user and show up as a Reply. It seems that the only way to achieve this is to set 2 actions:


  1. Send an email to the Requestor
  2. Do a complicated API to add the same message as a reply.

Surely there should just be an Automation Action of Add Reply to Ticket?