Automation Race condition failure

  • 20 August 2021
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Hello community.

I have been struggling with support in order to sort out a problem about a race condition.
I developed a bunch of automation rules + a serveless app to handle notifications based on a condition. The main purpose of this functionality is that once agents select mark a custom field it creates another ticket on a dummy group to handle times since this field has been marked so I can handle events based on that. From now on, this ticket is called Handler

(I had to do it in that way as far as Freshdesk serverless app is not passing the Custom fields, so that is my clunky workaround)
There is a hidden field which points from the main ticket to the handler ticket. Once the custom field is no longer selected, the handler ticket should be removed and the pointer from the main to the handler is removed.

The problem is that the automation occurss in the next way:


Therefore if you do not execute the rules in that certain order, the webhook will fail as far as the field is updated.

Is anyone else having this problem? Does any one have a workaround to solve it?



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Does anyone has an idea to try to fix it?

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Hello @Chavas,


Thank you for sharing detailed information on your issue with automation and race conditions. We can see that one of our support agents is actively working on the issue raised in the ticket  and we would get back to you via the same, to retain single point of contact.

Feel free to drop a note here for any further questions and we would be happy to help! :)



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