"Background" fields in Help widget don't get added to the ticket

I've added the Help Widget to my Android App(WebView) and I set some ticket fields with javascript. When I do

FreshworksWidget('prefill', 'ticketForm', {priority: 2});

 It does not set the priority on the ticket to "2". When I do


FreshworksWidget('prefill', 'ticketForm', {subject: "Hello world"});

It does show the subject and it will save it to the ticket. I've tried multiple fields and things and it feels a bit like all the displayed fields work fine(subject, description, etc), but the fields not editable and shown to the user don't work. Do I need to enable cookies or some other access to be able to save these fields? According to the API documentation you should be able to set all kind of fields, but I can't figure out what the problem is.

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i have solved this problem by making the fields public to the user and also hide them in my code

having the same issues. looks like it's still not resolved.