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  • 25 April 2016
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I'm using freshdesk for over 2 years now.

At first I was very satisfied with their software and it helped a lot in growing my business (in terms of support).

Now that I'm receiving ~100 support requests per day I need a reliable support ticket system and thought freshdesk would be the right software to use.

Turned out that it has been the wrong choice as their service is going down on a regular basis. Without even letting me now, their service went down again today!

No tickets are created for incoming requests anymore and my customers now have to wait for a response much longer than they should just because freshdesk (again) is down.

Mails to freshdesk are not answered and the chat is repeating itself "Isn't our fault! Some third party service isn't working! Don't bear us!" - blabla.

@freshdesk I don't care if some third party services aren't working on your end! I'm paying for YOUR service.

I'm loosing time and customers because your service (that claims to help me with exactly those issues) isn't working!

Also the dashbboard is crashing on a regular basis as well. If your software cannot handle all those AJAX request just don't use it.

1/3 responses are simply lost because an AJAX request fails. The textbox is greyed as soon as I hit the sent button (why is that?) and in case the request fails my response is lost and I even cannot copy it anymore because you are completely blocking the textbox.

I'm really really upset. You could at least let us (paying and non paying customers) know in case there are any issues with your system so that (in turn) we can let our customers know that they will have to wait for their responses due to technical issues.

- unhappy customer who is going to switch to a more reliable platform

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2 replies

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It is really disheartening to see that you are not satisfied with the product performance.We,at FreshDesk,are committed to provide utmost satisfaction for our customers.

We have a 24X7 team that continuously monitors the app performance and in case of any downtimes,you can refer to the site :  You can also subscribe on this site so that you will receive emails instantaneously for all the updates.

Regarding the AJAX request failures, the support team will reach out to you via email to troubleshoot the issue. 



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Hi Johannes,

Updating this post with the recent changes that we've made to ensure that the downtime issues are fairly negated . We now have multiple relays through which we can receive or send emails with one being our very own server . Now, even if the 3rd party system fails, we'd be able to route the emails through the different parties to ensure the damage is pretty minimal.