Bug : list ordered by deadline

  • 16 March 2022
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I have a problem when trying to order a list of tickets by deadline.


Here it is :

I use any view, ordered by creation date, last update, status or priority and everything is fine.


I want to change only the sorting option to use « Échéance à respecter » (I guess it would be deadline in english) so that the late ones are displayed on top.


I then have a view displaying « Pas de ticket ici » (no ticket here) and I can’t change the sorting option anymore and can only delete the list and create it anew.



Does anyone know why I have thie behaviour ? What can I do ? It would really help my agents to manage their priorities if I could use this sorting option (and I am afraid one of them would try and block a common view).

5 replies

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Hello @JulianeB,


Good day!

I understand that you wanted to sort the tickets displayed on the Ticket List View page based on their Resolution Time (Due Time). This filter will show all the overdue tickets, and then you can choose the order to be either ascending or descending 

If no tickets are displayed, there are no tickets available on your helpdesk which has been Overdue.

To have this cross-verified, you can apply the below filter and check whether there are any Overdue tickets on your Helpdesk Account.


Here is a sample screenshot where you can have this checked:



Also, most importantly, please make sure that you have given the suitable filters on the Ticket View Page.

I request you to have this checked, and if there are any data mismatches, do reach out to us. I'd be more than happy to assist you further.


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I have the same issue. All other Sort By works except the sort by Due By Time. The solution you suggested doesn’t solve the issue. I want to sort my tickets so the oldest resolution time is at the top.

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I actually had an answer a little while ago, when I reached the Support directly. The problem came from my current plan (Blossom) while the SLA management is only available for Pro plan onwards. And this is a SLA management functionality.


I asked that, in this case, the sorting option would be deactivated for the lower plans and that seems to be in the roadmap.

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JulianeB, I spoke with the helpdesk at Freshdesk and they admitted it was a bug and they put in a ticket for the developers to fix it. 

Hello, I am having the same problem, did anyone find a fix for this?