Bulk Email replies update same ticket

  • 6 January 2022
  • 1 reply

We have been using FreshDesk for about a month now for our internal helpdesk.   We have emails forwarding from our helpdesk account to FreshDesk to create tickets.   The default automation to reopen a ticket is enabled if a requester replies but this is the problem we are having.  

We sent out an email to all users this morning.  user A replied to the email and it created a ticket in Freshdesk.   We closed the ticket and then later today, user B replied to the email and instead of creating a new ticket for that user, it added her reply to user A’s ticket.  

Even though the subject  is the same, the requester is different and should be a separate ticket.   Is there something we can change so new tickets are created for each requester if they reply to one of our emails?

1 reply

I would suggest you to make a call that will be helpful