Calling the web api into freshdesk app

  • 28 September 2018
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How can I call web api from freshdesk cli. Please help me

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3 replies

Here is a sample app that shows how to make a REST API call from a Freshdesk app -

Can we update the ticket via the API from an app, and have the update show immediately? 

Or, is there a way to refresh the ticket display from the app after we call the API to update the ticket?

Hello Bill,

If I understand your question, you would like to have the app update the ticket details and without an agent having to perform a browser page refresh, the details updated by the app must immediately reflect in the browser.

You can update the ticket via the API from an app, and it is updated immediately in the backend, but there is currently no way to have the browser components refresh automatically. The agent will see a notification on the ticket page informing them that the ticket has been updated and they must refresh - that is the best we can offer at the moment.