Can I remove the CC email address?

  • 10 March 2020
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Can I remove the email address I added to the reference when creating a ticket?

I already know how to remove it from the reference mail list when replying.

I want to know if the agent can remove the reference email address in the ticket that was initially generated.

3 replies

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@buus This can be solved by routing tickets raised to different email addresses to specific groups, so the replies to the ticket also go from the same email, and also, the other support email is not added as a cc.

You can have this raised as a ticket to, so our support stars will be able to guide you with setting this up.


Freshdesk Community Team

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@kim.minj You will not be able to remove the cc email you had added when you first created the ticket as the email must have already reached the recipients. However, you will notice the cc’ed email will be added automatically in the corresponding replies. Still, you will be able to remove them manually when you send out a reply, and once removed, the email will not be added in the corresponding replies.

I hope that helped!

Freshdesk Community Team

We have a similar issue. Our company has two domain names, and Customers can send in tickets to either and So, depending on which they send in to, we'll end up with a "cc" on every reply for one of the domains.

In addition, there are multiple email addresses that customers can send to that get routed to the same queue, but the email address is used to indicate the type of request. For example, "upgrades@" and "support@" both come into the Support queue, but upgrades@ tickets are auto-tagged to a specific category. But now whenever an agent replies to an upgrade ticket, upgrades@ is automatically cc:ed.

It would be really nice if there was a list of email addresses that we could exclude from ever being cc:ed.