Can my widget button be specific for one brand and/or group of agents?

  • 21 August 2012
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I see how the widget can be styled in different ways. It looks like all tickets are being routed to the main portal though. Is there a way to create a widget for a special brand and then all tickets  generated at are being routed to the agents in that group directly?

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4 replies

Hi Klaus

We're approaching this via Templates method,which we will implement for Widget too. If needed, you can use the API and create a form in PHP or so, and use the Product/Portal option and create tickets for now

Hi Vijay

This sounds promising but I don't see any details on Templates anywhere. Can you give a bit more info about this and when we might expect it?

Hi Klaus

We're planning for Default Templates, that can be used for Default Portal or Multiple Portals. These templates can be defined with Ticket fields and assigned to the respective Portals.

Will keep this forum updated, once the feature is about to be released

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Updating this thread to help other users who might have the same requirement. In case if you're already aware of the workaround,please excuse us for the post.

You can modify the URL in the widget code to point to the product URL so that all tickets get routed to the correct product based on which you can setup a Dispatchr rule to assign them to a specific group.

For example, instead of "url": "" , you can use the custom product portal URL.