Can't modify "Notify Agents" email template (when private comments added)

  • 27 August 2014
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I can't find anywhere to modify the template of the email sent when you "notify agents" on a private comment. The problem we have with this is that I want to provide the public URL not the private URL of the note to avoid a login penalty for our occasional agents. 

Is this possible to either edit or disabled and replace with an Observer rule?

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3 replies


Freshdesk currently does not allow you to modify the notify agent template, however I do agree that this would be really useful in quite a few scenarios.

I will notify my Product Management team and keep you update here.

I'd like to recommend that basically all emails/notifications be combined into Oberserv'r, Dispatch'r, Supervis'r (ODS) sets (it appears this user-modifiable functionality was developed after initial development of email notifications and not everything was migrated). This would be the most straightforward approach. Basically take all of the Email Notifications and turn them into default ODS rules which can then be edited and/or de/activated. 

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Hello Keith,

I'm totally out of words to see two of your consecutive posts left with no recent updates.We can't justify our action and we can only apologise :( 

Freshdesk now allows you to either edit / disable all email notifications in the helpdesk.