Can't remove group from agent assignment field

If I have a ticket that has been assigned to someone in a group, and I want to assign it to someone who has yet to be added to a group, there appears to be no way to remove the group from the field.  You can change groups, but you can't search for or enter a user that has no group.  If you start out with the ticket assigned to a person without a group, then you can add the group, but once you do you are again stuck.

Does anyone know of a way to remove the group and search for, and assign, agents who have not yet been assigned to a group?

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Hello Scott,

Sorry for the delay in getting back. This forum is primarily for questions around app development. You are unlikely to receive a response for your query here. Have you tried reaching out directly to our support at

All the best.

No, I didn't, I figured that FreshDesk is an app being developed and this forum is called "Report Problems" so I did.  I was hoping it would elicit a response from app developers and/or the community and didn't get either.

Submitting a ticket to support might help me, but wouldn't help the community.  What's the point of a forum if nobody reads it?


Sorry about that, Scott. But what we mean by "app" here is the kind of app that is listed on our Marketplace -

This forum is really to discuss challenges and problems with respect to developers building such apps. There used to be a forum for Freshdesk users as well, but I believe it was discontinued due to a lack of traction. All questions and concerns such as yours are now directed to support. I would recommend that you reach out to support for the same.