Can't use the "code" style on the editor (part 2)

  • 25 October 2013
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I don't understand why the previous topic was CLOSED by FD.

In reply to Vijay, I was complaining mostly that when the agent is composing a solution and applies "code" formatting, he doesn't see it. Only in the customer portal the code style can be observed. This makes it difficult to edit a solution, if the editor is not 100% WYSYWYG.

Appreciate your comment on this.

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1 reply

Hi Rodrigo

Sorry for the confusion on my part. I Understood the point here.

We are coming up with PREVIEW option, just like in Helpdesk Rebranding/Customize Portal section. This will allow the Agents to preview their code or work.

No ETA as of now, but already in plans.