Canned Responses inserting before Signature on Replies

  • 20 February 2018
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I have a signature for my agent profile, with several line breaks above the signature to allow it some space from my replies.

When I reply to a ticket, my signature is inserted at the bottom of my reply as expected.

If I then insert a canned response, the canned response is inserted after my signature(!).

I have checked my email templates, and the cursor is positioned on the next line after my greeting (i.e. "Hello,)

How can I make it so my canned responses appear in the message body and not after my signature?

26 replies

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Hello @DelmerViramontes12 


Please note that Gmail would not have control over adding signatures in the Freshdesk ticket replies. If you wish to use canned responses in the New ticket/Email page, you can do the same by clicking the canned response option in the description section. Also, please be assured that signatures would get added before the quoted text in replies. 


Feel free to drop an email to for any further queries and we would be happy to help! 



Freshdesk Community Team