Cannot reply to specific location in Mint

  • 10 October 2018
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I use Mint almost exclusively.  We have one location, however, that I cannot "Reply" to - when I try to reply I get the "Cannot Send: Oops! Something went wrong..." message.  If I switch back to the Classic view I can see the message I typed and can then Reply without error.  As a point of interest, for a period of time I left the support team to work at that specific location and was opening tickets there as a customer.  I have since returned to support -- not sure if that is in any way related to the issue but we are grasping at straws here.  Any suggestions for what we can try would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Hello Don, 

Are you still seeing the error on the ticket page? You should be able to reply to those tickets without any issues as we support the option of agents acting as requesters on tickets. If you were seeing this error pop up in only one of your tickets, it might not be related to this issue and could be something else.