Cannot Set "Can see all tickets from this company" Checkbox

We have a Company listed and are trying to set the "Can see all tickets from this company" checkbox for Contacts from that Company.

The Company field in the Contact is set correctly. The checkbox is selected, then the Contact info is saved.

Company exists, and when viewing the company, all appropriate Contacts appear in the Company as associated with it.

Tests performed:

1. Other Contact info modified as well as checkbox, then Contact saved. Other info was saved, but the checkbox wasn't.

2. Contact with the checkbox selected was edited and checkbox unselected. Contact saved. Edited the Contact to reselect the checkbox, saving the Contact. Editing the Contact again, the checkbox wasn't saved.

We currently have Salesforce CRM integration active, and the Company details were originally populated from a Contact created based on the SF contact account details.

Please help, as this is a very important component to our helpdesk client contacts and case management.

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Hey Matthyas,

Thank you for posting on our Forums. 

We've identified this to be a bug and our developers are looking into it right now. I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused here. 

We will solve it for you real soon. Please bear with us until then. I will update you once this is done. 




Issue has been fixed.

Please do check and let us know