Cannot upload the app zip file

  • 18 May 2018
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I am trying to upload the app(zip) in
However, it says the zip file is not valid when I publish and upload the zip.

Is there any way to track what the problem is?

I am using MacOS 10.13.4.
Node version is 6.14.2

Freshwork Cli version is 4.3.1

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3 replies

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Hello Peter,

The file has to be packed using the pack command which would create the .zip file in a folder named 'dist'. The .zip file in this folder should be accepted by the system. In case if you've not used the pack command earlier, Can you please try it once and see if that helps? 

If you're already using the pack command, please excuse. We'll connect offline to see if there is an error with the .zip file.


Hi Aravind,

Yeah, I used the pack command already. But the system is still not accept the zip file.

Look forward to connect with you.

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Thanks, Peter. I've created a support ticket to help you troubleshoot this issue further.