CAPTCHA Fails on Widget

  • 12 December 2021
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We have the widget on our website with the CAPTCHA required to contact us. The CAPTCHA recently started having problems late last week and our customers were not able to contact us. We sent test emails and received the same error message.

No matter what you do, you cannot get around the CAPTCHA as it always states that it fails. So I had to remove the CAPTCHA requirement for the time being. I raised a ticket regarding this matter on Wednesday but it seems that it is still being worked on. 

Is anyone else experiencing this issue and is a fix in progress?


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5 replies


Just tested this again today and it seems to be working again, but I do not know the initial cause of the problem.

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Hello @jwicker, apologies for not getting back to you sooner on this. We did face a temporary glitch in CAPTCHA loading. I am glad it’s working fine for you. Kindly let us know if you are facing any further issues and we would be happy to help. Have a good day! 


I was informed by FreshDesk Support to leave the CAPTCHA off for now as the problem is awaiting a fix from the developer

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Thanks for sharing the update here, @jwicker

Can you toggle on your CAPTCHA again and check if the help widget ticket creation works as expected now? Looking forward to hearing your insights. Cheers! 

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The acknowledged issue has been permanently fixed, @jwicker. You should no longer face any trouble with CAPTCHA in help widget. Cheers! :)