Changing From email address when sending emails

  • 21 January 2021
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We have multiple groups on our FreshDesk and most of them send emails address where the “from” field has the agents name but there are two groups that need to have it sent with the Groups name instead of the agents name.


eg.: “HR” or “Clinical Team”


Is there a way to change this setting on a group level? The only setting I’ve found is global for all groups.


Thanks in advance!

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2 replies

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The only setting I know of for this is the one I suspect you’ve already found:

Not aware of any per-group functionality here, sorry.

@dombeaumont - This sure sounds like a fair ask.

As @chris.barker stated, this setting is not customizable for each group, yet. Let us have this requirement of yours passed on as a feature request to our product management team and will keep you posted.