Check if a ticket is created by an authorized contact person

  • 11 February 2020
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We offer a SaaS solution and have different customers that we help via Freshdesk. For every customer we keep a list of their authorized contact persons, so that we will only pick up tickets that are coming from authorized persons. These persons often send an email, which will be converted to a ticket.

1. Is it possible in the ticket list or when viewing a ticket to display an widget/iframe/piece of information that can let us know if the person is autothorized?

2. Is it possible that if the person is not authorized, that the automated reply will be send and the ticket will be closed?

We are looking for a way that makes it possible that we will only help contact persons of customers that are allowed to use support.



2 replies

 Hi, we have a similar setup. Here is how I handled it:

1. In the admin settings, customer field, I added check boxes for the different levels of authorization (e.g. contract management, technical, etc.)

2. Update the contact list to show Yes or No for these fields. (Add export current contact list, modify in excel and upload for a faster change.

3. In the admin settings, customer field, select customize requester widget in the top right corner and add the new fields that you created.

Now for each ticket in the contact details on the right it appears if they are authorized or not.

Hope this helps!


Though we do not have a direct way of showing in the ticket details page if a contact is verified or not, the work around suggested by Taylor is definitely worth a shot. Thanks for the input, Taylor.

Create a custom customer field and customize the requester widget to show this field on the ticket details page. You can also check the field value upon a new ticket creation to validate if it is an authorized person or not, and performing the necessary actions based on the same. You can write to if you should be needing further help on this.