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  • 10 February 2022
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He have a self programmed tool where contacts are stored with their E-Mail address. Is it somehow possible to programm, that when we would click on the Mail address, it opens a new tab with freshdesk on the New E-Mail page? Or are there any google chrome extensions that would work (we already have the click to call extension, which does basically the same but with phone numbers)?


Thanks a lot 

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Hi there,

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Currently, you will not be able to open the New Ticket page with the contact loaded as we do not have such an integration available which syncs the contacts in your tool with a hyperlink that redirects to Freshdesk. However, I do understand the point you are marking.

We currently have moved the Ideas as a separate category in our Community. Access the Ideas forum and navigate to the section you want to submit an idea and suggest developments and also dive deep into the intellections of our Freshdesk community.