Collaborators and internal group assignment

  • 28 September 2022
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When allocating a ticket to an internal group (using the shared ownership feature) you can use that group’s automatic assignment rules to pick a suitable agent - just like when a new ticket is created.  However if the group includes collaborators this breaks down because collaborators cannot set their availability.

It almost seems like it *should* be possible, because they have a checkbox in the dashboard when you look at available agents.  However, if you check their box it has no effect (unlike with full agents) and is cleared again if you refresh - so it looks like the UI is the same for agents/collaborators alike, but there’s no field to be set for collaborators.

I think I could work around this with some home-grown automations, but I’m sure this would put more load on the Freshdesk server than doing it natively using the facilities already in place.  Is there any reason why collaborators cannot have availability, or perhaps a setting I’ve missed which means they can?

0 replies

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