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  • 17 August 2012
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When replying to a ticket the previous comments are appended to EVERY comment - This makes the print function practically useless.
Are customers also receiving the full conversion on every comment notification.

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9 replies

Yes Marc

Customers will also get the entire conversations - 4 Threads will be shown in the Reply section.

We are working on some enhancement to address this

Is there a way to get round this by customising the email notifications?  It doesn't look too good like this!  (Or is the enhancement nearly live?)

Also, is there a list of what's available in the tokens - i.e. it uses {{comment.body}} but I assume there may be some other parameters than we can get at instead of using the body.


I can see that this is still a problem. Do you have any more information on what your enhancement is? Thanks!

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Hey Staffan,

Thank you for writing to us here. 

Can you please shoot us an email at support (at) freshdesk (dot) com, so that your issue can be better looked at? 


Can you please provide an online update for this?

I would just like the default 'reply' to have no history inserted.


Hi Andrew, simply you don't want quoted text. Right?

Other helpdesk systems have the same behaviour, i think that is a good suggestion.

I'd like to have an option to not include previous messages in the email sent to our customer when replying to a ticket. Is this an option yet?

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Hello All,

Now you can remove the clutter and send a clean reply to your customers by simply removing the quoted text. The feature is out and live. 

You simply need to hover on top of the quoted text icon and click on the 'x' or 'Remove quoted text' option (as shown below).

Inline image 1

Thank you.