Conditional Single Line Field based on Dropdown field (no sections)

  • 31 January 2023
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I have multiple teams split within an instance via sections. This is so that they can have individual ticket fields by team.

Currently, I have a Dropdown within a team section. I would like a solution that allows me to have a Single-line Text Box appear conditionally if the value of the Dropdown is equal to ‘Other’

Usually, I would use sections to arrange, however you cannot have sections within sections

Since I require a Single-Line Text Box, I also cannot use a Conditional Field to resolve this


Any ideas on how this can be created? Or an alternative?


I have a pro license

3 replies


Welcome to Freshworks Community!

Kindly let me understand your concern.

Now let's assume the name of the dropdown fields is Type with choices - Problem, Question, Other.

When an agent clicks on Type, a dropdown is initiated with a list of choices from which your agents can make a selection.

Should I comprehend that a single-line text box must appear whenever your agents click on the dropdown from the ticket properties and select the option Other, while not for the rest of the choices?

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Hi Sudhan,

This is correct, however the ‘Type’ field in this example is already within a section based off of Group.

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@Toby If you can navigate to APPS Section and choose the app named “Custom_Ticket_Fields”, then you will be able to Show/Hide certain fields based on Group or Type or Product option. This will help you to validate certain fields based on a value selection in a type dropdown field without aligning to the Section feature.