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I’m Sato of Digital Stacks in Japan.


I know about two ways of Contact deletion.

(1) Delete → Restore

(2) Delete → Delete forever

In case of acting these 4 operations, there are no eMail message to the target contact. 

Is this a specification ?

Please reply if you know. 


Best regards,

  1. Sato

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Hello @Toshiyuki Sato, I hope you are doing well. Once you delete the contact forever, tickets, forums, calls & profile information of that contact would be permanently deleted as mentioned here

If they write back to your support address or raise a ticket in your portal in the future, a new contact would be created. 

Whereas if you just delete the contact, you’d be able to see this contact in the Deleted contacts section. All mails sent by them would be directly marked as SPAM. 


I hope this helps. If you have any furtehr queries, please post them here. Thanks!

 Hello Keer, thank you for reply.

I understood. 

Now I would like to confirm that eMail is not notified to the contact when deleting.

I think this is desirable.


Best regards,

  1. Sato
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Hi @Toshiyuki Sato, the contact would not be notified that they are deleted. I hope this helps.