Contacts Import Does Not Complete or Shows 0/0 Imported - Solved

  • 7 August 2020
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 Most other threads about this issue are closed, so i just wanted to post this to help out others.

I am new to Freshdesk, at this time still in the Trial, and am just in the Getting Started phase. I wanted to import my Companies and Contacts.  I was able to get the Companies imported but not the Contacts, and would not get email or anything leading me to the issue. I was on an 'Onboarding' call with Support today, and it was EASILY FIXED.  Seems that currently there has to be 10 or more tickets before you can import the time there was only 9 (mostly demo tickets provided by the trial).  Support added one more ticket and viola....Contacts imported without issue.

Support is supposed to post this somewhere so hopefully no-one else spends a whole  day trying to make this work. 



8 replies

Lonnie, Many thanks for bringing this up to our attention.

Sure, we are happy to update our knowledge base with this information so that all users can be made aware of this.



What does this mean?  Ive had two errors trying to import, thinking of switching but not if import so tough Kindly advise

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Hi @camerado 


You need to have at least 10 tickets in your Freshdesk account to import your contacts successfully. Please do have a look at this detailed article for contact import in Freshdesk. The import of fields that do not follow the guidelines mentioned in the article will fail. The failed rows will be attached to the status email as a CSV file, and it will contain the reason for the failure.


Let us know if you have any further queries :)




10 tickets… do you mean 10 contacts pre-existing in database?  Kindly clarify thanks (and if so: why this huge, problematic nonintuitive UX issue?) 


I read the article, and it just repeats what you said without a) explaining what a ticket is and b) how to install create 10 of them (dummy tickets?) if this is needed to enable contac t import.  Strange system.  I just want to import contacts and try Freshbooks, why this mysterious process?  (so complex)


Also:  your team should just allow import of contacts and discard problematic/offending data without ruining the whole import, only for user to find out later (after the fact) it has failed.  In my view, as new user, another UX issue. 

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Hi @camerado 


Answering your questions,


a) explaining what a ticket is

  • Each customer query - be it an email, DM, or tweet that comes into your account is a ticket. The agent would then be able to click on the ticket to respond to the customer about their query. Tickets raised on your account could be viewed under the Tickets tab, from where you could access them.

 b) how to install create 10 of them (dummy tickets?) if this is needed to enable contact import.

c)  why this huge, problematic nonintuitive UX issue?



Feel free to drop a note here incase of further queries.




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Hi there, 


Actually, if you want to transfer just contacts and companies, you can import them into CSV files via a third-party app. 


You choose Freshdesk as your source platform and CSV as your target platform. Then, when you get to the Select Object page, pick contact and companies. Then you will get them in CSV files. 


Later, check if everything migrated correctly. 

Whether you have a trial, free, or paid account, you can transfer contacts and companies into CSV anyway. 


I hope it works for you.


Best regards,