Create a new ticket list view on a web page

  • 5 March 2016
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 Hi - I have not completely read into the API yet, as I'm not even a subscriber of Freshdesk yet - just at rial account.  One of the things that we'd like to be able to do is create a ticket list that is "live" (i.e. not an export) where we can see the tickets listed in a table with sortable columns.  Specifically, we'd like to be able sort by and/or group by company, which the current ticket listing doesn't allow for.

I see that we are able to pull a list of tickets but that list comes over with the same info in it that we get via the Freshdesk interface.

I also see that we can pull a list of customers and of companies, independent of the ticket list.

What I would like to do is merge the calls to these various lists into a single output which can then be displayed using our own website code. 

I used a 3rd party tool to pull data from Freshdesk and see that it is possible to combine these (klipfolio), but it is not a "live" list, and I really don't want to have to pay for yet another service to get to this when there is an API, which must be what klipfolio is using.

Has anyone here been able to do this so that we can get a live alternative view of the ticket list?  For most cases, it's fine as it is, but there are group meetings we have where it would be really useful to be able to group and sort these things better.

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2 replies

Anyone?  Any thoughts on being able to do this?


Does anyone monitor this forum?  Anyone have any ideas on how this might be accomplished?