Create a ticket via a query string


Is it possible to create a ticket and populate some of the ticket fields using the variables from a query string? blogs/etc

alternative is to use the api to create the ticket and then use with the created ticket number



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Hello @mchequer, yes, you would be able to use the create ticket API call to pass the values during the time of ticket creation. You needn’t create a ticket separately and then use the ticket ID to udpate the ticket. 


The values that you’d wish to pass should be added as paramters along with the mandatory fields like below: 


Create ticket API

If you wish to update certain fields after the ticket has been created, you can use the update ticket API call


If you have further queries, please post them here and we’d be happy to help!

To be clear, the answer supplied does not address the question posed. The question was can a ticket’s fields be prepopulated via query parameters, not “can I create a ticket using the API”.

I would also like to know the answer to the original question.