Ctrl Click open ticket from a list should open ticket in new tab and LEAVE THE LIST I AM ON

I don't know why you would change this. Since we first signed up for Freshdesk many years ago - all of the following actions would open a ticket into a new tab, and leave the current list in place.


MIddle Mouse Click

Right Click - select open into new tab

They all open the ticket into a new tab - BUT...

Then they also navigate the current list to that ticket also.

How are we supposed to keep a list of tickets in a queue to work through if you navigate our list way.

Of all the breaking changes on this new MINT interface, this is the most _______ painful.

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James, something we pushed recently caused this behaviour to break.

We're working to fix this immediately. I'll update you when this is fixed. Really sorry for the trouble!

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We've fixed this bug. You can now right click and open tickets on a different tab.



This bug is only partially fixed. 

I'm still unable to use middle mouse button(which is what I used to do all the time) or Ctrl-Click to open a ticket in a new tab without it also being opened in the current one. 

This lack has already driven me away from the Mint interface once as it was too painful.

Marking this as solved is premature! Please fix it properly!


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@Troy My apologies. I've moved back the tag to Unsolved.

If I can confirm, the right click to open tickets in a new tab works but using middle mouse button doesn't produce the same result?


I'm with Troy on this - still not fixed. CTRL-CLICK opens it still in the existing tab as well as a new tab - that's useless to me and beyond annoying.

@aravind I can confirm when using the middle mouse button you get a new tab (with new ticket) and the current tab will also open the same link resulting in two tabs with the same link opened.

This seems to only occur when clicking on a new ticket from a dashboard view in my experience. When middle clicking within a ticket or contact normal tab behaviour is found.

@Aravind, I can confirm the following:

  • Right Clicking and selecting 'Open in New Tab' now works as expected. However, this requires 2 clicks to complete which is why I prefer Middle Clicking normally.
  • Middle Click opens the ticket in a new tab,but it also opens it in the current one replacing the ticket list.
  • Ctrl-Click just replaces the list with the ticket (So Ctrl is ignored). When clicking on a link in a ticket it opens it in a new tab as expected.

Only seems to affect the ticket lists for me, but affects both Card and Table views. I don't have a customised dashboard, but clicking on tickets under 'Recent Activity' on the default dashboard works properly.

Please let me know if you need me to do any further testing.

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Thanks for confirming @Luke.

@Troy Thank you so much for your testing efforts. This is definitely helpful :)

I've already communicated the middle mouse button behaviour to the developer who worked on this bug fix and we're trying to slot this in for our next release. I'll keep you posted. Please bear with us!


You're welcome.

Forgot to mention before as it may matter, my testing was done in the latest version of Chrome on Windows 7 as that's what I use. 

Other browsers may behave differently.

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Thanks @Troy. We're ready with the fix for the middle mouse button ( I just walked over to the developer and confirmed this!) and I hope we'd be able to deploy by this week.

I've also informed the team to test the behaviour on Chrome/Firefox on Windows 7/10 just to make sure that the fix works for all of our users.


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The fix for the mouse middle button behavior is out live. Follow our release notes for other updates.