Custom app for JIRA Ticket-Tag

  • 27 April 2015
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The new JIRA custom app helps in automatically tagging your helpdesk tickets based on issues that are imported from your JIRA account.

This custom app works alongside the Freshdesk-JIRA integration. For you to be able to use this auto-tag feature, the JIRA app for Freshdesk must be enabled in your helpdesk. For help with linking your JIRA account with your helpdesk, click here.

  1. To install the JIRA Ticket-tag custom app:

  2. Download the zip file 

  3. Unzip it and open the .txt file containing the code.

  4. In Freshdesk, go to Admin -> Apps -> New Custom App.

  5. Title it “JIRA tags” and paste the code copied earlier.

  6. Make sure “Show this widget in the ticket view page” is enabled.

  7. Click on “Create and Enable.

If tags are not generated automatically, please go to “Admin → Apps → Get More Apps → Atlassian JIRA” and make sure it is enabled.

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2 replies

I would assume it tags it with the Jira ticket number. This doesn't seem to work, it only adds the tag jira to the ticket.

Doesn't seem to work any longer - the (new, I am guessing) flow for adding a custom app doesn't allow for uploading a txt file