Customer Cannot Complete Pre-Chat Form

  • 7 April 2016
  • 1 reply

My fields are required, but even when a customer completes that field, they cannot continue. It's become frustrating. I even made the field not required, but I am still experiencing this issue. There is a red box around "Student Name." I cannot delete the field either because there is no option to delete the pre-chat form field. Please advise.


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1 reply

Amanda - I believe you are using the field marked for 'Phone' for your Student Name details. That field is specifically validated only for phone numbers, just like the email field is validated for email addresses. They cannot be used for a text field, and hence is throwing an error when the input is a name (it is looking for a valid phone number as an input).

In chat settings, you have an option to hide the fields from the prechat form (or make it optional). You can remove this field from there if you do not need it. 

Let me know if this works, else one of our agents can help you with it.