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  • 7 October 2019
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We would like to remove the Knowledge base from Our Customer Portal. We are on a Blossom Plan. Is this possible?

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4 replies

Hi Stephen,

If you go to "Admin > Portals" click directly on your portal and it'll open a menu where you can edit your portal name, URL etc. You can also remove all your solutions from the portal etc.

This may not get rid of "Solutions" on the nav bar on your customer portal though, you'd need to do that with some customisation of the portal through CSS or HTML (not sure if that's possible on a blossom plan)

Good luck!

I am Account Manager and I have support multiple account and how I can give access to my diff. clients to open a ticket for support to me

Hi Pritpal,

You just need to have each of your clients listed as a contact. After that you need to define if your portal is accepts ticket from anyone/logged in people only etc.

Thanks Anthony, We have signed up with Freshdesk with 5 licenses and will add more to each or the Account Managers to handle their own customers, Can a Demo from FreshDesk can be arranged to see all features and setup.