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  • 24 April 2013
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Is there any way to translate here all the text?

Because your translation is partial, i.e. "How can we help you today?" is still in English even though the Russian language was chosen for the interface. 

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8 replies

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Hey Orest,

Thank you for posting on our Forums. 

The remaining translations are all ready and is in testing now. We will be pushing it live in about 2-3 weeks. 

Please bear with us until then. 



Hi ! 

We are currently evaluating the Swedish trial and noticed that we have the same problem as mentioned above. Some parts of the system are still in English even though Personally selected language (in profile settings) is Swedish. Is there anyway one could provide translations for you, or are you working on completing them? :)

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Hello Pierre,

We have a translation partner helping us with the language translations. We've dropped you an email regarding this and can't wait to hear back from you .



We are currently evaluating Freshdesk vs Zendesk. I have the same issue for Hungarian. Since it is a difficult language, and there are many ways to express the same idea, it almost always needs tweaking.

So even if the interface would be "translated" we would almost very likely want to change it, and tweak it on the go.

Is this supported by Freshdesk?

Not being able to translate freely on our own is definitely a no-go for us.

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Hello David,

Thanks for your understanding on this front. We've been trying hard to push updates with respect to translations and have been fairly successful with some of the frequently chosen languages by our customers. Having said that, its not that the option to customise the portal is completely shut down. If you're on the Estate plan, we offer page level customisations using which you can change the text/appearance of the portal.



We are using portal for each product and there still some words in English. i.e "How can we help you today?". We need everything  in Portuguese, how we can fix this? There is anyway we can do ourselves? 



Looking for Portuguese translation for the product portal.

Can we send you guys the words in Portuguese ?

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If you are on the Estate plan it's possible to change basically anything in the portal. We have removed buttons, translated texts and a lot more on many portals to customize the end user experience. Let me know if we can help you out.