Customers not receiving responses to their tickets

  • 11 November 2015
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We have been having a re-occurring problem with our customers never receiving our responses, even though we can see on our end that we have responded. Has anyone else had this issue? It's really bad for us because then they go on our social media and complain about being ignored. Is there anything we should look into or do to make sure that customers receive a response?

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12 replies

We have a few customers who do not receive emails generated from freshdesk and sent from a company email address. The same customers do receive emails generated by the mail server using the same address.

Some problem here, we (as agents) received emails with delay or not at all. Were there some issues yesterday?

I'm still seeing delays in email send / receive. Can anyone advise on what is going on?


Same thing... notification emails are delayed for at least the last couple days.

We have the same problem here.  Agents and customers are receiving emails with a lot of delay.  Can someone from Freshdesk can give us a status on this?


Same problem here.  All email notifications, including newly created tickets, are either not delayed at all, or they are delayed for 3 to 4 hours. 

I just chatted with Freshdesk support.  They sent me to a link the following pages that are providing status updates on the issue: 

Not sure why they don't have this linked on their support page somewhere....

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Us too.. This is a huge issue.. Without notification to our agents that a ticket has been submitted by a customer, they don't respond on time. We have responded to customers in a timely manner and they are upset because they are not getting the emails for hours later at times.

Gonna have to find another helpdesk pretty quick if this isn't resolved. I love Freshdesk but, can't use it at all if the alerts aren't going out. HELP!!

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Hi Everyone,

We apologise for the inconvenience caused due to the delays in mail delivery. We use SendGrid, a reputed email management service for email transactions. 

Due to a recent upgrade , the load balancing on their servers has gone haywire and hence the delay. Here is an update from the SVP of Engineering,Sendgrid :

We're expecting this to be resolved soon and you can follow the updates here :


Thanks for the update!

Hello everyone, 

We have added a link to our System status page on our Support portal like many of you pointed out, so its easy to check system status.