Customizable Ticket Forms for different Customers

  • 17 April 2019
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Most of the articles about this problem are from a few years ago, so I would like to find out whether the freshdesk gained this functionality now.

Is it possible to use different ticket fields depending on the logged-in person/company?



3 replies

This is exactly what I'm trying to setup.  I'm on the Estate plan and I'm setting up multiple products.  Each product represents a different company that we service.  Each company we service will have their own customer web portal.  I would like to display different ticket forms for each customer web portal.

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@dean_sierra @mstezowski  You can create dynamic forms by adding dynamic sections(feature available on plans Estate and above) under the default field Type as well, or any custom dropdown fields that you create. Please refer to this article on how you can create dynamic forms for your customers at your portal.

Also, with the help of a ticket creation automation rule, you can direct them to the right groups.

Hope that helped!

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I think so.