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  • 11 January 2022
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Is it possible to schedule or delay the responses to the TICKETS for the start of the next business hours?


Gustavo Santa

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Hello @gasantao,


Are you referring to scheduling customer emails (responses) being received on tickets in your helpdesk? If so, we do not support this at the moment, unfortunately. Can you please elaborate more on why you are trying to achieve this to understand better? Looking forward to hearing your insights.


Thank you.

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Hello Ramya

I want to answer the tickets at unskilled hours and that the client receives them at the next business time. I do not want you to know that we work during business hours (night or holiday).

Thank you

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Hello @gasantao, as of now we would not be able to schedule or delay responses in Freshdesk. It is solely to ensure the SLA framework is not impacted. If scheduling is possible, it would hamper how the First response SLA is calculated hence skewing the agent metrics. 

We would suggest you to share your usecase in our idea’s section for our product team’s viisbility. Have a good day!

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I don't understand why it would hinder the way the SLA is calculated. It is about delaying the delivery of the response, and for the calculation of the SLA consider the date and time in which the agent makes the delivery.

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I second this. It is important for our team to push most responses during business hours to manage expectations.

I third this! Id like agents to be able to reply outside of business hours and messages are only sent during business hours. 

Can’t we bypass or pause the SLA when we have a waiting for 3rd party ticket. We have a vendor update we that is being pushed out next week and it would be fantastic to have these responses scheduled to let end users know that the fix has been implemented. 

Is this feature on the road map?