Delete all contacts without a Company Name

Due to the thousands of tickets generated by emails send by fake russian accounts I ended up with 7000+ tickets and 70000+ fake contacts

I would like to disable "ticket creation by email" but your company does not offer the feature and then you do not protect us against spam...

So can you please tell me how can I delete all contacts that have no company attached to them? If you cannot tell me how to do it, can you please enable a search feature for contacts in order to filter and delete all the 70000+ contacts at once because there is no way I can do that erasing one contact at the time.

I'm kind of fed up using your tool and might look to migrate away if this is not resolve

Thank you.

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This is unfortunate! We are sorry that you have been bombarded with such emails. We have logged this as a  ticket for you and the right person from the support ninja team will be assisting you on how do we go about handling this for you.