to Freshdesk Migration Experiences

  • 20 June 2019
  • 1 reply

What kind of experiences have you all had migrating from to Freshdesk?

From the adverts, it seems as though the Fresh Account Manager would be the one to handle the migration. My expectation is that you would actually need an integration partner and the Account Manager would work with them and you.

Is a third party integration partner necessary to migrate tickets, users, and knowledge base articles? What would the in-house LOE be to handle the migration without one?

Alternatively: Does the Freshdesk Account Manager actually help with the migration directly? Is the migration more straightforward than with other platforms?

1 reply

Badge +1 retired a while ago. Definitely late to this thread. :blush: However, for anyone looking to switch over to Freshdesk from any other help desk software, I suggest checking out Help Desk Migration

Disclaimer: I do work for Help Desk Migration. Just wanted to drop a comment in case someone comes across this thread.