Disable install button in Custom installation page

  • 3 January 2019
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I have 2 pages in my installation page(custom installation page)
First Page Takes the Fresh Desk Credentials
once user clicked the update button after entering fresh desk credentials I need to validate and go to the next page if validation success

2. In next page I want to take some details from user and install the app on clicking install button

My issue is, in first page I no need default install button which is coming by default, once validation success then only I have to show install button in next page. Currently I am seeing install button in both pages. Can someone help me how can I achieve this. In first page I want only one custom button i.e validate in first page 


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1 reply

I paid $15 donation 

Where can i install?  Is it better to have a free trial. I just don't want incessant ads popping up