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I'm considering using Freshdesk for a Helpdesk with a team of 4 agents. I'd like to display the dashboard showing new tickets on some digital signage in our office. However, I don't really want to buy an additional licence for this. Is there any form of free "view only" licence that could do this? What's the best solution to this issue?



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Having a read-only agent?

Hi Alessio, yes, that would do. Does Freshdesk have anything like that, or it a scheduled development?

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Hey James,

Thank you for writing to us in our Forums.

We do have a feature in place that will serve your purpose. It is called Day Pass. Read more about it here.

Let me know if this helped James. 



Hi Annapoorna, 

thanks for the reply. I'm considering the "blossom" plan, so I'd like to avoid the $2 a day day pass (say, 20 working days in a month = $40 a month) for a display only account. (it would be cheaper to add another agent, but again, this seems a waste for something that will only be viewed on a screen. 

However, (I have not tested it yet but...),  if we can have the same agent logging in on two PC's, that solves the problem; one will be their "working" PC, while the other will be connected to the digital signage.  


Did you ever find a solution for this? I want to setup something similar.
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@James: As you had mentioned, you could have the same agent logged into different devices , one that can be used for the on-screen display .


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We have this item on our roadmap for the year. Will keep you all posted in case if there are any further developments on this regard.


Any updates? we want to show a dashboard via linking to a chromecast. At the moment i need to use CSS to clear off the screen elements we dont want on the display

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@Tom We've recently released the Custom Dashboards feature that helps admins/supervisors to keep track of metrics with customisable widgets. The next in line is the display option that will allow you to project the dashboard widgets on a larger screen. Please follow the What's new in Freshdesk forum to stay updated on the new features/enhancements in Freshdesk.


I've checked through the 'What's new in Freshdesk' forum but didn't see a mention on this feature yet. I would love to have an idea when this is possible. Thanks!