Don't show only the latest 5 conversations in the quoted text

  • 16 January 2023
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Sometimes I will have a long discussion with a customer and we will exchanged a lot of e-mails.

It could happen that I need to add an answer with a different color to an older e-mail in the thread.

But as I have found out, Freshdesk doesn’t allow more than 5 conversations in the quoted text section when you reply to a client.


Can you please remove this limit?

I feel this slows down the work.

I had copy and paste the old e-mail I wanted to my response after I extended the quoted text.

You could do the same as Outlook and just leave all the e-mails in the thread.


Yes, you can see all the e-mail in the Portal.
Yes, the users have all the e-mails that were sent to them.

But by not having all the responses in one e-mail, they have to keep on jumping thru all the e-mails until they find the one they need.

This happened to me with the ticket I raised to Freshdesk for asking about this.






1 reply

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Hi @Silviu B. 

Greetings from Freshdesk community!


You are correct, the quoted text will show the last five conversations only. That is the default behavior at the moment. However, I completely hear you! Should you feel that this could be a useful feature, please record your thoughts on this space
Our product team considers your request based on the number of upvotes and the priority for this feature. Your post could be valuable in tracking this!