Double Tickets- Not sure what we did

  • 10 December 2021
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We are new at Freshworks and so we know we are the ones who did something wrong but we can’t figure it out!  Hoping someone can help us.  

Problem...when tickets come in they are duplicated so we have to merge tickets and that is getting annoying.  Does anyone know where we can fix this at? 





5 replies

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Hello @pallen, we are glad you have you as a part of our Freshdesk community. I reckon the emails are getting created as duplicate tickets. Can you DM us your account URL so that we can analyze the ticket creation logs to help you further here?

Have a good day! 

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Thank you for that info @pallen. Moving this question to the Freshdesk forum so that one of our Freshdesk experts can help you out with your question.

Tagging @Keer who can help you out!


@rashmi.nag We have Freshdesk

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Hi @pallen. Can you please let us know which Freshworks product you’re referring to so that we can help you out better?

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Hello Pam,


what was the recent change you applied in the system?